Outpatient Services

Assessments, court-ordered treatment, urinalysis and outpatient counseling are additional services offered to those waiting to come into treatment, or who want to try a new path of addressing substance use.
These services are offered to anyone seeking counseling without a stay at the facility. We will work closely with the individual, as well as any family members, or legal officials, that the client
may request to be involved.

Our experienced, compassionate counselors work to develop a treatment plan tailored to each individual's needs.
Everyone's recovery journey is unique and faces unique challenges, and it is vital not to have to face the journey alone!

Our counselors will work with each individual to develop an understanding of their addiction and to accept responsibility for their own recovery.  It is our mission to empower, support and facilitate the individual's steps towards achieving their own unique path to recovery.

We offer individual, group, and family counseling.
Topics addressed include feelings and emotions, life skills, relapse prevention, addiction education, anger management,
relationships, health issues, and other topics vital to recovery.

All this is accomplished in a quiet, natural setting.