Galilee House is a 12-bed residential treatment facility located in the seaside town of Narragansett. Work is a major emphasis of the program. Residents are required to find a job within three weeks of admission. We cater to a higher functioning person who is focused on getting back to their lives.

Our treatment program is based on the 12-step principles of recovery. We utilize evidence based therapy as well as other proven clinical methods. Residents are required to attend community based self-help groups, participate in individual and group counseling, join in weekly activity therapy and perform household chores.
The program is open to any male over the age of 18. To be considered for admission applicants must be firmly committed to recovery and a six month stay at the house.

 During treatment our staff connects the resident to other community resources in order to maintain their support network once they leave the Mission.
We affiliate with local medical, dental and mental health providers. We also have working agreements with local housing, clothing and vocational resources to provide referrals even before the resident is ready to leave.

Once the resident graduates, moving forward is not so challenging...
we are with them every step of the way.