Captain Tom House

Captain Tom House is a transitional sober housing facility for up to six men. Residents accepted into the Captain Tom House have completed significant residential substance abuse treatment and have a minimum of six months sobriety or clean time.

While living in the Captain Tom House residents are required to maintain full time employment and pay a weekly program fee. Active participation in AA/NA is also part of the program, and there are many AA/NA support groups in the local area.

Case management services are also available to assist residents in identifying life skill areas that need further development, as well as areas of competency. Expected stay in Captain Tom House is three to twelve months.

Outpatient counseling and group sessions are also available to residents. We wish to help our clients build recovery skills and reconnect with family and loved ones, as well as building a support network in the community.

 Our mission is for our residents clients to be ready to seamlessly integrate back into the community when the time becomes right to move on.